Wednesday, March 20, 2013

OLD Home = New Slate

So, my husband and I bought a home about 4 months ago... our first home. This after a LONG 5 month ordeal with our Realtor and then the investment company that we bought our house from (it was a foreclosed home and they had ended up with it). In the end though we finally closed 2 weeks before Christmas. Which meant we could celebrate an actual Christmas... we hadn't celebrated Christmas together in over a year.

Now, it is an older home; almost as old as my husband and I. The day after we signed the closing documents... WE HAD TO MOVE IN! My husband's family took it upon themselves to take my husbands keys to our storage unit and house, rented a Uhaul, and picked up our items without our knowledge. OH, YES WE WERE LIVID. Especially, when we arrived at the house and our stuff was being thrown out of the truck and onto the wet ground. Oh, I about cried. As they were removing our items I began to take a few of our stuff and I noticed half of my stuff was either broken or damaged. Things were dropped onto our coffee table and dented, broken glass, broken dishes, etc. You name it, it was probably broken.

Anyways, once they left and we were left with the aftermath of boxes everywhere - we tried our best to organize and move to the rooms in which they belonged. We tried our best to organize this giant mess, but in the end we were to overwhelmed and just stopped. So, we ordered dinner and figured we'd deal with it later.

Skip a few months and here we are... boxes still everywhere and only one room finished... our daughters room, well somewhat. For my husband and myself we're dreamers and before any other room can fully be finished we want to get a few things done to make this home our own. Bringing some life to this once beautiful home. Therefore, we're saving up to redo this entire home.

So, here's our plan:

  1. Living Room
    1. paint the trim/walls
    2. add tile to the fireplace and paint
    3. replace the fan
    4. add some decor
  2. Hallway
    1. paint trim/walls
    2. add some decor
  3. First Bedroom
    2. Then who knows :)
  4. Second Bedroom
    1. add hamper
    2. add trashcan
    3. add pictures
    4. organize closet
  5. Master Bedroom
    1. replace fan
    2. paint walls/trim
    3. add decor
  6. Hall Bathroom
    1. desperately need new shower curtain
    2. replace floor
    3. fix walls
    4. paint walls/doors
    5. caulk tub
    6. replace ceiling fan and lighting fixture
  7. Master Bathroom
    1. add wainscoting 
    2. paint walls/trim
    3. replace floor
    4. caulk tub
    5. add framing around mirror
  8. Closets
    1. add dressers and shelving
    2. repaint
  9. Office
    1. add desk
    2. add decor
    3. paint walls/trim
    4. add shelving
  10. Kitchen
    1. replace cabinets
    2. replace counter top
    3. add backsplash
    4. possibly replace appliances
    5. add blinds to bay window
    6. add seating underneath bay window
  11. Laundry Room
    1. add cabinets and shelves
    2. add doors to hide laundry
    3. add place to hang cleaning supplies
    4. paint walls/trim
  12. Dining Room
    1. add wainscoting
    2. paint walls/trim
    3. add decor
  13. Outside
    1. add wrap around porch
    2. privacy fence
    3. replace or maybe paint siding
    4. repaint porch and deck
    5. add grass
    6. paint shed
    7. hang pegboard inside the shed
    8. make a compost barrel
    9. make a rain barrel
    10. build a garden
    11. build a raised flower bed
    12. add storm doors
    13. replace doors
Now, this is just a list as of right now --- who knows it may just continue to grow. Plus, later down the road we'd like to add an addition to give us a few extra bedrooms. 

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