Monday, March 25, 2013

Not Your Traditional Trashcan

My husband and I never really bought our daughter a trashcan. We honestly couldn't fathom the idea of buying a nearly $30 trashcan and then buy the trash bag replacements for them. This was mostly because baby E HATES being wet. The moment she pees is the moment we have to change her. Yet, unless we smelled it or listened to her grunt we would never know she pooped. She's such an unusual child.

Anyways, last year my husband brought home boxes full of stuff from around his work. The place he works at throws a lot of stuff out and he'll sometimes bring it home. However, one day in the box full of stuff that he brought home was a little green bucket. Seriously, there was nothing wrong with it; they only threw it out because it had been used as a display... such a waste!

This little green bucket had been sitting in my husbands truck for some unknown reason... I have no clue why he put it there after he brought it home, maybe he was going to put his junk of a trunk in there or it was supposed to go into our storage unit. Who knows. Well, as we were both cleaning out our vehicles he pulled it out and it was moved inside to our kitchen floor... just sitting there.

So, while I was cleaning up the other day I stood there and stared at the bucket then of course walked away. Not to long after that I had to change baby E and as we walked to the kitchen to throw her diaper away... it clicked! I could use the little green bucket for her trash can. All I needed to do was clean it up a bit (I mean it had been sitting in my husbands truck... not so lovely) and then use the plastic bags that we constantly had left over from our shopping trips for her trash bags. Completely easy and I didn't have to pay a thing.

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