Tuesday, April 2, 2013

From Envelopes to Binder to Simple Organizer

My husband and I started couponing several years ago when we moved into our first apartment. It mostly came about from when he was a part of a group that was all of a sudden laid off. So, with one measly income that at times barely covered our rent we decided to try something that could help us save money.

When we first started we just used envelopes. We were completely unorganized. Although at that point it was just a small amount and whatever we could print off the computer, it was somewhat okay. However, as our needs grew the envelope became overly frustrating and made us feel continuously disorganized.

As we started learning more about couponing we moved onto a binder system. For most this works, but for us it just wasn't working. I felt that it was to much work trying to keep up with everything and then sometimes the coupons didn't fit so you had to cut down, etc. When we switched over to this system we seemed to kind of move away from couponing. I guess it was because we were both tired of trying to keep up with the maintenance of putting them in and taking them out.

Since we bought our house we've moved back into couponing. We're not doing it as much as when we first moved out but we're getting there. However, we were given an easier/simpler solution to organizing our coupons. One of my Christmas presents included a coupon organizer and it has probably been one of the most simple organizers I've ever used.

From Glow Girl

This organizer has literally made it a lot easier to just grab the coupons and go. We just cut them out of the weekly inserts or the internet, place them into their corresponding tab and we're off.

Do you have any tips or favorite ways to keep your coupons organized? Please share! We'd love to know since everyone is so different and every little tip helps :)

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