Monday, April 15, 2013

Code For A Free Nursing Pillow

Here's a free code where you can get a free nursing pillow, the only thing you have to do is just pay shipping. To do this just use code "FAMILY2013" at checkout.

I added the Clementine nursing pillow to my cart then applied the code to my order. It completely took off $40.00 from the retail price of $39.95 and gave me .05 towards my shipping and handling. Which brought the total out to $12.90. A pretty good steal considering the price of nursing pillows.

I also noticed that if you added the minky one to your order you would just have to pay $5.00 more. It was the same deal. The code took off $40.00 from my order which made the nursing pillow $4.95 plus the shipping and handling which came out to $17.90. Still not bad for a nursing pillow.


Below are the breakdowns of each of my orders...

Here's the regular nursing pillow that I chose:

    Before Discount                                                         Discount Applied

Then here's the one with the minky fabric:

Before Discount                                                             Discount Applied   


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