Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hello Screen, Goodbye Screen!

With Summer in full swing, we've noticed a TON of bugs coming in and out of the house. Especially, when we have to stand there forever waiting for the dogs. It just seems like all those little buggers sneak on by us.

While watching TV we saw an infomercial on a little screen for your door. It's magnetized in the middle to snap easily after you without letting all the bugs in. We laughed about it. Then a week later, my husband brings one home.

After, a few weeks of having it sit on the table... we decided to put it up.

I laid the screen on the dining room floor and placed the velcro strips in their designated places. We then brought one by one outside and hung them up.


Of course, we were super excited when we were done. We could let the dogs in and out. Not having to worry about stealthy fighting the bugs coming and then chasing all the ones that get by us. Of course our puppies were a little weirded out by it. Mostly with the snapping of the magnetic strips. They quickly got over it though and made it ten times easier to just let them do their thing.

That lasted about a few weeks.

My puppy got overly excited chasing a bug that was sitting on it. She jumped up and scratched the hell out of it. Which then in turn pulled it from the top. Needless, to say it ripped.

Now it's gone. But it was awesome while it lasted. Thank God it was free! And no, my husband didn't steal it, one of the businesses around his work threw it out in the trash. A brand new box. So, he took it.

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