Monday, May 27, 2013

We're FINALLY Getting Somewhere!

After several months of talking about it, my husband and I were finally able to start trying to grow some grass. Not that kind of grass ;). While I was out at a girl's night dinner, he and baby E went to Lowes to gather the supplies that we needed and a few other things. We're trying so hard to get our yard looking great, but between schedules and rain. It's been pretty hard.

Anyways, here's what we're starting with (lovely, huh?)...

Once we finished getting over the fact that our neighbor decided to cut a random section of our front yard, we pulled out the grass seed and started to spread it out.

We picked up Scotts Snap Sun & Shade as well as a small hand held spreader


Now, we picked up the sun and shade one because of the fact of where we live. Our yard is covered mostly with trees and although some sun sneaks a peak during the day, we seem to consistently receive shade. So, we had to think of that kind of condition. let's hope we get some grass!!! :)

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