Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Organizing Baby E's Ridiculous Amount Of Clothes

~*~ Sorry for the ridiculously poor quality of all the photos... my cameras been acting up as well as it was a stormy and gloomy day ~*~

So, for several months now Baby E's clothing has just sat in this tub just waiting... Waiting for someone to save it! It's honestly driven me nuts with how it looks, but with a 6 month old you just don't always have the time.

So, I ran upstairs and grabbed these little baggies... you know the ones that come with your comforters and what not's. They were honestly just storing some old coat hangers that need to go back to my mamas... I just keep forgetting to take them back.

I decided to use these guys cause (1) it's saving me money, (2) who can afford a million bins for clothes, (3) they're getting out of my way by using them. No, really we just can't afford right now to buy storage bins to individually store Baby E's clothes as well as have the space in our attic to store all of it. I'd rather have everything in one place than spread out. 

Now, while I was looking through the baggies I found these space saver bags. I was beyond excited! Really... cause I some how end up destroying them as I go along. Don't ask, cause I don't even know. 

I placed the bags onto the floor and piled up Baby E's clothing. One pile was her "newborn and 0-3 months" and the other pile was "3 months and 3-6 months."

I then neatly organized each into separate piles of the variety of clothes she has.

Her newborn and 0-3 months:

Her 3 months and 3-6 months:

I seriously didn't realize how much clothes she had in the beginning until now. Literally. But there again, I guess when your child seems to still be wearing newborn and 0-3 months at 4 months old you end up accumulating a lot. Also, there are several duplicates and she seemed to be more comfortable in sleepers than anything else during her castings. Maybe that's why we have so many...

I then just placed everything into the bin. Newborn on the bottom.

After I had vacuum sucked her clothes together. I decided to take all of her winter items such as her buntings and place them together in a comforter bag. I then just placed it on top of her clothes.

I did the same with her warmer blankets. 

I also took the clothes that don't quite fit her yet and placed them into the dog bed comforter bag. Hey, it's still a storage bag!

I then added it to the side of the bin and VOILA, everything together for at least the moment. 

Do you guys have any ways that you've stored your baby's clothes and extra items?

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